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BSI Is Very Happy to Announce our MACE R2 2016 Release!

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that MACE 2016R2 is now available for download as an official release.  And yes, we know it is now 2017 – but we released our first Betas back in December so we decided to stick with the name.  No matter what we call it, this release has some ‘big league’ improvements; this is just a brief description of our enhanced call for fire user interface updated for this release.

Battlespace Simulation Improvements

Battlespace Simulation Improvements

Aggregate of Aggregae Enhancements

You can now create ‘aggregates of aggregates’ in MACE. Aggregates are a way to group entities using 2525D symbology and is a great way to add, move and command many entities at once. The picture below illustrates this; a platoon is shown, comprised of 2 sections, each comprised of 2 squads.

MACE Aggregates of Aggregates Display

MACE Aggregate of Aggregate Display

To See Some Additional Major Simulation Improvements, Select from the Options Below…

Call for Fire Improvements

The Call for Fire form has been enhanced, and is now capable of supporting up/down adjustments, fusing settings and multiple mission per form (which can be scheduled via the also enhanced Fire Plan interface).  Click below for more information.

Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training System (AJTS)

Fire Plan Improvements

MACE’s Fire Planning interface has also been significantly improved. Users can now task the same artillery units multiple times on the Fire Plan, separated by time, with different targets and ordnance each time. For information on even more improvements, click below.

MACE Improved Fire Plan Interface

Signal Generation / Scripting

To see additional battlespace simulation enhancement, be sure to check out the original post for the MACE 2016 R2 Release.  Improvements include an all new signal / threat generation capability and a significantly improved scripting engine that can be used to automate behaviors and incorporate custom doctrine.  Select the link below to see more!

MACE 3D Beam Viewer

Add’l MACE R2 2016 Product Enhancements

Add’l MACE R2 2016 Product Enhancements

Once again, we would once again like to extent a sincere “thank you” to everyone who helps us continuously improve MACE. It is extremely fulfilling for us to see people using our software.  If you are a MACE user and find yourself saying “if only these guys would add such and such a feature, it would make my life so much easier/help meet additional training objectives” – then please tell us!  Many of the best ideas for MACE improvements come from you, our existing customers.

Packed with some ‘big league’ improvements, be sure to refer to our MACE R2 2016 product page for more details on the key features that have been added or enhanced in this latest version of MACE.

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