Viper DIS Radio


The Viper DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) Radio Simulation is a low-cost, reliable alternative to more expensive server-dependent DIS radios. Because it is DIS, it is compatible with all other DIS standard radios. Viper is Windows based so it is easy to install, setup and run on desktops, laptops, and tablets. No server is required to run Viper, each radio provides all the features you might expect to find in a large scale system.

  • Support for up to 100 simultaneous transmit/receive frequencies
  • Communications Plan creation, editing and loading from any radio.
  • VOX and Push-To-Talk (PTT)
  • PTT, change channels, adjust frequency, swap active channels from joystick or other input device.
  • Selectable input/output audio devices (multiple Vipers can therefore run on a single computer)
  • Attach to any DIS entity on the network, or specify a geo-location
  • Transmits DIS standard 8-bit Mu-Law, 16-bit Linear PCM, and custom encoding.
  • Automatically handles incoming signals in virtually any format.
  • Settable radio frequency, power, bandwidth, sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Supports DIS settings for Modulation, Frequency Hopping, Pseudo Noise, Time Hop
  • Supports DIS Cryptography settings (system and key)
  • Can match DIS radio settings from a list of active DIS radios (‘Join’ feature)
  • Support for Half-Duplex audio
  • Assign audio out to left or right speaker per channel
  • Side tone feature.

All Viper radios have physics based signal degradation built into each radio that simulates propagation losses including, frequency spreading loss,Fresnel zone and diffraction over terrain (using highest peak method). Signals fade gracefully (depending on frequency) as line of sight is lost with increasing static. Terrain data (such as DTED is required). For propagation calculation purposes each radio must be associated with an entity in the scenario (or assigned a fixed geographic location).



The Viper User’s Manual is available here.

Please feel free to contact us for any additional information on Viper or about how you can obtain an evaluation copy!

For more detailed information or to see Viper in action, please feel free to watch these Viper Tutorial videos:

Part 1: Viper – Basic Operation
Part 2: Viper Settings
Part 3: Multiple Vipers with MACE


Viper is offered at $900 per license. PRC-117G, PRC-152 and PRC-148 Plug-in simulations for Viper are also available.

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