BSI delivers MACE to Booz Allen Hamilton for support of the Air National Guard (ANG) Advance Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training System (AJTS) and ANG C-130 Multi-Mission Crew Trainer (MMCT).

The AJTS provides visual domes that place students in a fully immersive 270-degree virtual battlespace modeled by MACE.  In addition to the primary trainee position within the dome, the AJTS system also features separate control stations for other assets that can contribute to a given scenario. Rated pilots or JTAC instructors themselves can use a desktop flight simulator to take control of a friendly aircraft and maneuver it accordingly based on communications with the student feverishly surveying the “skies” just steps away in the dome.

The MMCT is a high-fidelity, non-motion, C-130 flight simulator that supports pilots, co-pilots, and flight engineer training in a full spectrum of flight operations.

MACE is a physics-based entity and threat environment model providing a full-spectrum constructive simulated battlespace.

MACE is a registered trademarks of Battlespace Simulation Inc.