Emulated Military Equipment


Emulating Form, Fit, and Function

Deployed EME

– IZLID 1000P
– IZLID Ultra
– Vector 21 LRF Bino

EME In Development

– Type 163 LTD
– SPOTR Thermal Scope
– Handheld Laser Marker

EME Customers

NAB Coronado, CA

JEB Little Creek, VA

Naval Air Warfighting
Development Center
NAS Fallon, NV

UAE Presidential Guard
Mahawi Camp, UAE

ROK Army Special
Warfare School
Republic of Korea

BSI takes a unique approach to the design and development of Emulated Equipment. We feel it is essential that our combat forces work with equipment that emulates the form, fit, and function of devices they will use in the field, all while keeping the cost and time to develop equipment as low as possible.  We achieve these seemingly conflicting goals by leveraging our own modular integration technology and industry leading additive manufacturing capability.

New Signal Generation Engine (SGE)

A refit GFE SOFLAM, PLRF-25C, and BSI manufactured IZLID Ultra.

New Signal Generation Engine (SGE)


New Signal Generation Engine (SGE)


New Signal Generation Engine (SGE)

IZLID Bodies

New Signal Generation Engine (SGE)

Controller Box

Single Connection Device State + Orientation

BSI uses our modular integration technology in all of our Emulated Military Equipment. Our integration board electronics provide a robust, driver-less integration solution that combines device input/output state with 3 degree of freedom (3DOF) orientation tracking over a single USB connection to the host computer.  NO THIRD PARTY DRIVERS ARE NEEDED!  Visuals are displayed on a high resolution SXGA (1280×1024) micro-display.

Rapid Development

BSI can move from initial concept to delivery of emulated military equipment in months, even for complex devices. As an example, BSI developed the Portable Lightweight Designator Rangefinder in the US Navy Combined Arms Virtual Environment (CAVE) in 4 months, and fielded the eye safe laser rangefinder (PLRF-25C) to US Navy SEALs before they took receipt of the actual field equipment.

Small Form Factor

BSI’s 3 DOF tracking solution is very small form factor, measuring roughly 18mm x 30mm. This very small form factor allows BSI to develop very small handheld devices, such as the IZLID Ultra.

High Resolution

BSI uses eMagin’s excellent SXGA microdisplays with BILD Innotech, Inc. display drivers, allowing BSI to deliver superlative, compact, and immersive graphics to the eyes of the user at a fraction of the cost per eye than comparable solutions in the industry.

Tight Integration with MACE

BSI integrated EME is DIS enabled, allowing the seeing of device state — to include error and fault states — from instructor operator dashboards within MACE.  PDUs generated by EME can be recorded and played back along with the DIS traffic within the scenario as a whole.


BSI has demonstrated the ability to refit government furnished equipment to provide exact form, fit, and function to the end
user.  Often this takes the form of refining  OEM bodies, but in other cases,  BSI has turned equipment no longer fit for field use
into serviceable simulator peripherals. If it’s possible to do so,  BSI can work with you to build a tailored solution that reuses equipment you already have.

In-House Design and Fabrication

In cases where GFE is not feasible or is not available,  BSI has the in-house design and fabrication expertise to deliver true to form
equipment bodies.  Additive manufacturing using Selective Laser Sintering in robust materials such as nylon provide durable equipment bodies at very low cost — often an order of magnitude lower than OEM bodies.

If you are interested in more information about Emulated Military Equipment (EME), please contact us and we’d be happy to talk to you further about our EME offerings!


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