BSI is pleased to announce our 2016 R1 release of MACE and MACE-EW.  Key product improvements include:

  • Simulation Improvements
    • Sea States & Hydrodynamic Models
    • New ‘Trail Route’ Formation Type
    • New ‘Squirter’ Behavior
    • Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) Interoperability
    • Airspace Conflict Management
    • Call for Fire Improvements
  • GIS (Data) Improvements
    • Support for Worldwide OpenStreetMap DataMACE_2016_R1_OSM
  • User Interface Improvements
    • Entity Control Window Enhancements
    • Imagery Coverage Enhancements
    • Improved Text Rendering
    • Multiple Bullseye Support
    • Additional Information on Platform Status
    • Indications of 5-Line or 9-Line Assignment
  • Performance Improvements
    • MACE-to-MACE Transfer
    • IADS Size
    • Mission Size
  • New Combat Display
    • Laser Indicator Warning Device (LIWD)


As always, customers with active maintenance are invited to log-in and download the latest. Please see the Support page for a summary of improvements in 2016 R1 release.