MACE User’s Group (MUG)

Tuesday, November 27th

BSI is happy to announce that our next semi-annual MACE User’s Group (MUG) will be held at I/ITSEC on Tuesday November 27th @ 10:30am in the USAF Conference Room

Please join us for our annual I/ITSEC MACE Users Group (MUG) meeting where will be demonstrating the latest capabilities of MACE 2019R1, showcasing our newest MACE plug-in ARMOR, and reviewing the MACE roadmap for 2019

Highlights will include latest improvements to MACE’s:

  • Enhanced Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) Modeling
  • Combat Air Forces (CAF) DMO MP17 compliance efforts
  • Mobility Air Forces (MAF) DMO compliance efforts
  • Introduction to BSI’s Augmented Reality Mission Observation and Rehearsal (ARMOR) VR/AR system
  • Various performance improvements

MACE showcasing the ability to represent a complex ground and air environment within an Integrated Air Defense System (IADS)

A-10 Scene Rendered by MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG)

If you would like to attend, please join us on November 27th @ 10:30 in the USAF Conference Room.  If you have any questions ahead of the MUG, please contact us directly at [email protected].  We look forward to seeing you there!

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