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JTAC Immersive System


BSI’s MACE and MetaVR’s VRSG running inside a 3m dome from IDSI

This video shows the JTAC Immersive Dome, a joint venture between BSI, MetaVR and Immersive Display Solutions (IDSI). This commercially available JTAC training solution is accredited for Type 1, 2 and 3 Day/Night/Laser training by the JFS ESC.

Pilot Station


MACE configured as a low-cost, DIS enabled Pilot Station. Shown here with MetaVR’s VRSG.

This video illustrates BSI’s MACE and MetaVR’s VRSG configured as a low-cost pilot station. In the video, I am controlling an A-10 and surveying an area through my simulated targeting pod. A few moments into the video, a friendly helicopter gets shot down. Using the targeting pod (controlled via A-10 Warthog HOTAS), I find a nearby group of hostiles. Again using the HOTAS, I lock onto the target and shoot two AGM-65 Mavericks a few seconds apart. The HUD provides me with a target box and a CCRP line. My reticle flashes to indicate launch permissible. After the first Maverick impact, most of the hostiles appear to have been killed, but one of the hostiles is seen running away, and again using the targeting pod, I lock onto the fleeing hostile and shoot another Maverick. My RWR indicates AAA, which might have been what shot the helo down, soI dispense chaff using the CMS switch on the HOTAS. 3 minutes into the video, I click on the F-16 and change to an F-16 role player, then target and shoot the AAA.

UAV Hellfire


MACE and VRSG are ideally suited for UAS Training Systems

This video shows a UAS training scenario using MACE and MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG). In the video, the MACE user follows a pack of donkeys up a road, towards an insurgent compound, with the UAS camera. Near the end of the video, the user launches an AGM-114 Hellfire from the UAS at a vehicle patrolling the compound.



MACE entities as seen from UAV camera view in MetaVR’s VRSG

This video shows MACE’s ability to create realistic UAV training scenarios. Shown here with MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG), MACE’s pathfinding algorithm alleviates the need for the user to explicitly route each entity. In this video, a human is told to enter a building, and automatically finds a path into that building. MACE is also generating the UAV and the user is controlling the UAV camera via MACE’s programmable joystick support.



MACE used to create DIS-enabled cultural features. Shown here with MetaVR’s VRSG.

This video shows MACE’s interface for adding DIS-enabled cultural features to your distributed mission. The cultural features that ship with MACE are identical to the cultural model library in MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG).



In MACE, you can take control of (“virtualize”) a constructive entity, including helicopters, vehicles and humans.

This video demonstrates MACE’s new helicopter flight model. The lead AH-64 is controlled by the computer’s autopilot and is in an orbit around a village south of Kabul (shown here in MetaVR’s VRSG). The trail AH-64 was flown using a Thrustmaster Warthog and CH Pro Pedals for rudder input. All weapons (guns and missiles) were launched using the HOTAS.

Call for Fire


MACE’s Call for Fire Interface, shown here with MetaVR’s VRSG

MACE’s Call for Fire Interface. It takes just a few seconds to select an observer, artillery unit(s) and target, aim and then fire. Reports back maximum ordnance altitude and time of flight. Supports low and high trajectory fire.

CAS 9-Line


MACE’s 9-Line Interface; an A-10 drops a GBU-10, while a soldier generated by MetaVR’s VRSG laser-designates the target.

In this video, an A-10 is assigned and routed to a target using MACE’s Close Air Support 9-Line interface.

M-16 FPS


In MACE, you can take control of (“virtualize”) a constructive entity, including aircraft, vehicles and humans.

In this video, I take control of an A-10 and shoot an AGM-65 Maverick at a group of hostiles on a mountain top (shown here with MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator). Some of the hostiles hit the deck, while others run away (illustrating MACE’s new Reaction Posture settings). I then take control of a US Soldier and use my M-16 to pick off the fleeing hostiles.



With MACE’s “Auto-Avoid” feature, life-forms will avoid buildings without the need for explicit routing.

Video: Starting from the “blue marble”, we first zoom into the Kabul area and then import SHP layers corresponding to the building and fence footprints in VRSG’s cultural representation of an Afghan Village. We even take a moment to make the fence layer more visible (showing that vector layers are fully customizable in MACE). Each layer is then marked as “auto-avoid”. As life-forms are added, with a single click they are put into “avoid” mode, in which they will automatically find clear vectors to walk. Of course, any of these entities can be commanded back to a route at any time. MACE’s “copy” feature is then used to create additional humans very quickly. In just a few minutes, we’ve gone from the “blue marble” to humans humans wandering around an Afghan village.

Mobility Kill


81mm Mortar via MACE’s Call for Fire Interface, shown here with MetaVR’s VRSG

MACE supports intermediate, DIS standard damage states such as Mobility and Firepower kills. In this video, an 81mm Mortar scores a direct hit on a BMP, killing it and resulting in a Mobility Kill on a nearby BMP.



MACE’s Flyable A-10 with BSI’s HUD overlay for MetaVR’s VRSG

In this video, an A-10 dodges AAA fire south of Kabul. The A-10 is being flown using a standard USB joystick and throttle; HUD will display gun impact and CCRP for Paveway/Maverick delivery.



An F-16CJ shoots a HARM at a 2S6 site

An F-16CJ shoots an AGM-88 HARM at a 2S6 site (shown here with MetaVR’s VRSG)

Air-Air #1


An ACE F-16 shoots down a MiG-29 with an AMRAAM

In this video, an F-16 (flown with Saitek X65-F Force Sensing joystick) shoots down a MiG-29 (shown here with MetaVR’s VRSG).

Air-Air #2


F-16 shoots down MiG-29 (shown here with MetaVR’s VRSG)

In this video, an F-16 (flown with Saitek X65-F Force Sensing joystick) shoots down a MiG-29.

SAM Miss


An F-16 shoots down a MiG; SAM engages F-16 but misses (shown here with MetaVR’s VRSG)

In this video, a SAM searches for, then tracks an F-16. The F-16 engages a MiG, and maneuvers into the SAM’s range; the SAM shoots but misses.



An F-16 ingresses into an area defended by SAMs (shown here with MetaVR’s VRSG)

In this video, an F-16 (flown using a Saitek X-65F Force Sensing Joystick) uses terrain, chaff and maneuver to defeat several SAM shots.



MACE-generated humans shown here in MetaVR’s VRSG

MACE supports DIS standard lifeform appearance bits. In this video, both civilians and a soldier are manipulated to show these articulations.

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