The Viper PRC-148 simulation is plug-in option for the Viper DIS Radio, with the following features:


  • Includes all Viper DIS Radio capabilities
  • PT and CT modes
  • 256 programmable channels in 16 groups
  • Comm Plan
  • Functional Program Menus
  • Preset waveforms: Basic, SINCGARS, HQI, HQII, SatCom
  • Tx/Rx frequencies and Rx only
  • Voice AM/FM modulation
  • Preset and PTT menu power levels.
  • PTT and volume control also by joystick or other I/O device
  • Beeps and CT rush sounds.


PRC-148 upgrade to existing Viper: $750 per license.
PRC-148 with Viper: $1650 per license.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information, obtain an evaluation copy or purchase the Viper skin.

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