MACE – Sigint

MACE and SIGINT (Signals Intelligence)

MACE-EW includes a variety of electronic warfare oriented displays for training such skillsets as threat reaction, signal identification, direction finding, suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD) and self-protect jamming. Users can define their own beam, scan and pulse patterns for all RADAR systems simulated within the MACE battlespace. Both RF and PRI agility are supported, and user-definable. In addition, MACE can generate emitter audio on-the-fly, from processed pulses received from incoming DIS emissions packets. Both wideband (Crystal Video) receivers such as those typically used for Radar Warning Receivers (RWR) and super-heterodyne receivers such as those typically found on panoramic receivers are simulated and capable of generating emitter audio. MACE includes a simulated RWR and two simulated panoramic receivers (one digital and one analog type pan scope).

Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) Training Suite

MACE can be configured as a stand-alone EWO training suite for part-task training, or can be used as an EWO “role player” station in your DIS-based distributed simulation. MACE will send DIS emissions PDUs as appropriate when jamming is active, or when a search or track beam is active. MACE includes a HARM targeting panel that supports HARM Flex as well as both pre-briefed and target-of-opportunity shots. Please see this video below of an F-16 shooting a HARM at a 2S6, it shows a physics-based HARM flyout. You can also hear the track beam picked up by the RWR.

An F-16CJ shoots an AGM-88 HARM at a 2S6 site (shown here with MetaVR’s VRSG)

What’s Included?

MACE includes unclassified representations of the following systems:

  • ALR-69 RWR
  • ALQ-161 Panoramic Receiver / Self Protect Jammer (digital type pan scope)
  • ALR-20 Panoramic Receiver (with analysis trace, analog type pan scope)
  • Direction Finding (DF) scope (can DF signals received from ALR-20 or ALQ-161)
  • ALE-40 Countermeasures Dispensing System (CMDS)
    • fully programmable chaff/flare programs (burst and salvo)
    • can be programmed to dispense via a USB HOTAS, such as a Thrustmaster Warthog
  • ALE-50 Towed Decoy
  • USQ-113 Communications Jamming System (CJS)
  • HARM Targeting Panel


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